NEW Breeding Announced- Maya n Magnum. Puppies due on September 29th, 2017. Accepting Reservations.

Update 8 Weeks - A Puppies Life finds the litter heading home to new digs this weekend. Each pup has been placed and has begun to leave us. Some will be living in MA and others in CT. All will be afforded hunting opportunities and will have a loving family to crash with. As we wrap up the Blaze breeding and placement process, we are now focused on the upcoming Maya and Magnum breeding that took place in July 2017. With Gods blessing we will have puppies being whepled on or around the end of Sept or Early October with them going home early December... More to come.

Update Day 36 A Puppies Life - Very busy weekend but was able to get the pups out in the yard for some exploring.... at least until that larger than life hawk started squeling overhead! I picked up on a few pups actions while out there, adding to the read on thier little personality traits. Ana, one of the big sisters is cautious in her approach of new things, much like her Mamma. She gets around to it but in her own time. Belle and Poco are confident easy going little pups and Poco is the party favorite as nothing seems to tweak her often coming back for more time and again when I challenge her of rough house with her. Little Belle is a cutie and will melt any heart, we love her. Elsa, also a large pup has emerged as confident pup and loves human attention... another one to melt a heart. Mufasa is still on the fence as not sure about new things but also gets there in his own time... athletic and a cuddler for sure. Then there is the Big Man! That's Mr. Olaf to you sir. He is a huge male and pretty confident but we can't get over his size and appetite. Back to it again this week and hope to supply more videos and pics to aid in puppy selection beginning end of week.


Update Day 35 A Puppies Life - Another busy week with nail clippings, De-worming and introduction to Puppy Mash! The pups appetites are growing and poor Blaze can't keep up with their needs. They are enjoying the mash and surprisingly aren't bathing in it like most pups do! We are seeing the personalities in each pup come out a little more each day. The personalities are not as clearly identifiable as we have seen with other litters, this leads me to think most of these pups run in the middle of the road which is what we were hoping for and expected out of the Blaze and Jet pairing, Olaf and Belle seem to be the two spunkiest pups in the pen, often mixing it up with others. Pocahontas and Mufasa also are spunky as well and very lovable puppies often seeking out human interaction. Elsa, Ana (the Big Sisters) are definitely warming up to us and also becoming more engaging with the other pups. It's common to see the largest of the pups to be slow to engage the other pups and even us as they are soooo content they don't look for extra activities other then their eating and sleeping. They are spending more and more time in the new pen and mom no longer sleeps with them at night. We are looking at the first week in September for puppies to begin transitioning to their new homes. More pictures, Video and updates will be posted allowing those scheduled to make selections beginning in the next 7-10 days a better idea of the pups traits.

Update Day 27 A Puppies Life - A Busy week this past week and I would like to have been able to get more video for you. Week 4 is fun to watch unfold as the pups really begin to get their sea legs and move about. More and more they spar with one another and we begin to see more of them coming out of their shells. They have been moving between the whelping box and a pen while we clean so they are introduced to a new place for an hour or two and get to explore.

Some of the pups who were laid back now show us how much fun it is to be a puppy....playing and romping with their siblings. All the pups are confident and I see all pups being receptive to basic training. I see no "Hard Headed" clearly dominant pups at this point but their is one or two still more interested in romping about then lying in our laps. First shots are coming up with their second Vet visit right around the corner. We have made gains on the puppy collage and should have Puppy pics online any day... let me know what you are seeing via pics and video as we move closer to the selection period in a couple weeks. 

Update Day 21 A Puppies Life - WOW Puppies are doing great on Day 21 with large gains in weight and size. We compared some of our past litters to the weight of similarly age pups and notably see a heavier litter of pups here. 

Here's the run down on some observations:

1) Zeus- A gentlemen, athletic pup first of two pups on their feet, appears longer then others and is very trusting and laid back.

2) Pocahontas - Medium size little girl with a large round belly, not as relaxed as some other pups but not showing a dominance trait at this point.... shows middle of the road in temperment right now.

3) Mufasa - A nice pup, very striking markings, middle of the road build and very trusting and laid back... Also one of the first pups to get to his feet and very athletic always crawling out of baskets or accross the whelping box or floor.

4) Elsa - She is one of what we call the twins, she is all white right now with a Chestnut full mask on her head. She loves to eat and is one of the biggest females. Not as trusting but warming up to us the more we handle her.

5) Ana - The other twin is the biggest of all pups and has similar markings as Elsa but is Black vs. Chestnut. She appears to have a dominant personality right now and very vocal when she experiences something to her dislike.

6) Olaf - I nice male with a large build at least his enormous belly and he appears to be a middle of the road pup, again less likely to lie on his back for us in our laps but is warming up to us quite nicely and becoming more trusting.

7 Belle - And along came this cutie, Chestnut with brown eye dimples, she's cool and was a tough one to get to relax. She did not like to be held and was very vocal. She now loves to cuddle with Karen and though slower to become mobile, I suspect she has her own agenda and will be an awesome hunter.... she appears to be like Grandma Maya, business first pleasure next.

All pups are doing awesome and we'll see many changes in them as the next few weeks transpire. Personnality traits will become more apparent and athleticism will even out amoung the pups as they grow. Week 4-6 REALLY shows us what we have and can help those purchasing pups make the right choice for their goals.



Update Week 2 A Puppies Life - Puppies are thriving! There eyes are fully open and most are up on thier feet. Catch the VIDEOs on You Tube and on the Puppy CAM

Update Day 11 A Puppies Life - Puppies are doing well on Day 11 with continued weight gain on all puppies. Ana and sister Elsa dominate the weight gains. The biggest change is their little eyes have begun to open though doubt they are seeing much at this point. With the little time actually spent with the pupies, I only see some slight observations in personality traits. Belle appears to have come out of the gate with attitude as did her sister Ana. The three boys are very content to eat and sleep.... typical guys I guess! The remaining girls also follow that eat and sleep rule. Momma is doing really well! I will have additional videos and pictures soon, stay tune to FB and Puppy CAM.

Update: Day 8 A Puppies Life -  Puppies are doing well on Day 8 with all of them doubling thier weight in one week. The two porkers of the bunch are Elsa and Ana, they are definitely the brusiers of the pack right now. They have large heads and are barrel chested. For the boys, their are no real standouts with all three running within two onces of each other.

They all seem to be doing well and we are watching them closely as we enter week two. Until the first two weeks have gone by we hold our breathes as they are not off the heat lamps and heating pads. We are still working on the website Gallery and hope to have it resolved asap.... more Puppy CAM videos coming soon...

Update: Day 3 A Puppies Life - Puppies are doing well on Day 3 with all of them adding a little extra weight from birth weight, always a good sign! Some already catch my eye for one reason or another, some have exceptional appetites, others are very vocal! Here is the run down and Disney Names on the individual pups in order of whelping:

1. Zeus - Male Color: Blk/Wht, Weight 13.10 Full Black Head. Marker (DOT Rt Frnt Shoulder).

2. Pocahontas - Female Color Blk/Wht, Weight 10.20 Tail Striped, dot on Butt, Full Mask Marker (DOT Rt RR Butt).

3. Mufasa - Male Color Blk/Wht, Weight 10.70 Full Mask, Patching. Marker (DOT Lft Frt Shoulder).

4. Elsa - Female Color Blk/Wht, Weight 12.85 Full Mask, Marker (DOT Lft Rr Hip).

5. Ana - Female Color Brwn/Wht, Weight 12.50, Full Mask Marker (DOT Back of Neck)

6. Olaf - Male Color Tri-Blk/Brwn/Wht, Weight 12.55 Full Mask Marker (DOT Butt).

7. Belle - Female Tri-Blk/Brwn/Wht, Weight 11.50 Marker (DOT Tail).

We have the Puppy CAM recording daily activities so feel free to review video on both the website and Facebook. I am still trying to resolve website Picture Gallery issues and hope to have that done by week end.... MORE TO COME!

Update 7/16/2017: PUPPIES R HERE!!! We spent a long Saturday and Sunday with Blaze as she Whelped 7 puppies. All doing well today and we are catching up on some sleep. Blaze had four girls and 3 boys, she is bouncing back well and puppies appear to be thriving under momma's care. Please check out the Puppy CAM on the home page for periodical videos. Highly recommend FB as another option for keeping an eye on puppies progress. 

Update 7/13/2017: Blaze is doing great considering she has a broken front leg on the mend and is extremely fat with 6-7 puppies. We have been seeing the vet quite a bit as late due to both the efforts to ID puppies and have new splits put on. She' a trooper though and taking it in stride despite the puppies moving a lot now and on the edge to whelping.

Today is day 60 and her temp has been steady with a dip today. We hopefully will have puppies  whelped and healthy on Friday, Saturday at the latest. The pups dictate that so we'll try to keep Blaze as comfortable as possible for now. Next update will include puppy pics and some specifics about each one as they are welcomed into the world. Keep checking Facebook for the latest minute by minute updates.

Please call or send us an EMAIL with any questions.

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