2/10 Update: Week 11 and we are officially empty nesters.  Charlie Brown has been placed with a past client. CB will be living in Plympton with Uncle Moose Tracts!!!! He was a solid pup just like CB and is a wonderful hunter and family pack member! We are looking to to reunite past pups on the filed of battle soon. We are proposing a closed hunt with past pups and their handlers. The goal is to leverage a preserve in Berkeley Ma and watch these Lews do there thang!! More info to come....

2/4 Update: Week  10 has three of the four pups living in their forever homes. Couldn't be happier with the homes and the individuals the pups have selected. It's tough letting some puppies go, but helps when then are well taken care of and loved. Charlie Brown is still with us and I love this big guy, he looking more and more like a great stud dog and we'll see if he ultimately let go. He has it all, confidence and outgoing, takes it all in stride.... good all around dog...

1/19 Update: Week 7 has some new exciting news. Linus and Lucy have been chosen and will be living nearby in Wareham and Hanover. Both homes are thrilled with their selections and we believe the puppies will thrive in those new packs. Also this week, we visited the Town of Cohasset and Miram Hospital to supply puppy therapy for all. The pups traveled well and they enjoyed the new scenery and friends they met.

Puppies first shots are Monday and the pups will begin to head to their new homes mid week. Peppermint Patti and Charlie Brown are still available to the right homes. Both pups are awesome puppies and I wish we could keep both of them. We are seeing a glimpse of the full spectrum of personality traits and we like what we see. A new update will occur mid week.

1/13 Update: Week 7 approaching and the puppies are doing great! They have been eating solid food for about a week now and are handling it well. Nail clippings and 2nd De-Worming occurred today as well. The pups joined us for the Patriots game today and the video was posted to Facebook. Puppy selection will begin later this week and we will know which pups are still available to good homes. Please fill out the online registration form if interested in one of these sweet pups.

1/7 Update: Into Week five with Week six approaching fast we we see some happy puppies. The have migrated into the the indoor kennel and have more room to romp and explore. They are emerging more and more each day and their personalities are becoming more rounded. They were just introduced to Puppy Mash or Gruel and it was a hit. No playing with these guys, they knew exactly what is was and they devoured it in minutes... and with more grace then I recall seeing in past litters. Their bellies are now round almost if ready to explode and they are now sleeping soundly with their new sustenance. Hard to believe selections will begin in about 10 days! 

1/1/2019 Update: Happy New Year! Pups turn 5 weeks today and are thriving. Their little personalities are emerging and here is the run down:

1) Lucy, fondly called Lucy Loo is a sweetheart! She melts in your arms and is very personable and trusting. She is a middle of the road puppy and my instincts believe she will be a great pack member in the house and dedicated family member. She is the cuddle bug in the bunch.

2) Peppermint Patti, She has the opposite eye patch from Lucy, wearing hers on the left side of her face. She is devilish in her play and stoked with energy always ready to come back at me after I grab her nose! I consider her middle of the road right now but she has more spunk then some of her litter-mates. I suspect she will be a hard hunter yet she shows signs of a great family member as well, often seeking out our interaction and touch.

3) Linus, what can I say about this guy! He's got an awesome coat with wavy fur and just a great looking pup. He is very laid back and loves to interact with us. A very trusting puppy, I suspect he'll have a nose for hunting yet will love curling up at your feet in the house.

4) Charlie Brown, Whoa, what can we say... he is the biggest puppy we have seen in a litter to date. Others are catching him but he is impressive. He is the dominant pup in the litter and often throws his weight around. He will be a good hunter for a hunting home and has plenty of drive. He has a down side and seeks our interaction daily as well.

All pups have got their first DE-worming and are about ready to be introduced to puppy mash. They also will be migrating to the kennel from the whelping box this week. Two puppy selections have been locked in, and we are talking with others regarding the other two selections.

12/26 Update: We have heavy hearts today, as we lost Little Peanut last night. She fought hard and braved numerous hurdles but she could not get by the most recent health hurdle and we are saddened by this loss. Momma Pippa is uncertain why she is no longer here and we will mend our hearts together day by day The rest of the four puppies are thriving and have done exceptionally well from the beginning. We are approaching week four and they will receive their first deworming this week. Puppies are still available from the Peanuts Clan and we are open to accepting registrations. 

12/18: Pups turn three weeks today. All have doubled and tripled their weight! We are beginning to handle them and bond with them.

They are a relaxed group so far with no one really resisting our touch and breath on their necks.

Trusting little pups to this point. Momma Pippa is doing well, a very good mom and very protective of her Peanuts Clan.

12/11: Puppies are doing well! We continue to help Peanut out with extra feedings... What a fighter!

11/27/2018: Pippa's pups arrive!!!!! 5 Pups total, 3 girls and 2 boys. Interesting diddy, this litter has the largest pup and the smallest pup from all past litters. 

October 27,2018: Update includes verification of a successful breeding of Pippa to Parker. With an Ultrasound scheduled this week we were able to determine Pippa is carrying numerous pups with healthy heartbeats. We are offering these dogs to homes based on those supplying completed registration forms. The cost of the pups from Pippa's breeding will be $1,250.00.


Please call or send us an EMAIL with any questions.

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