October 27,2018: Update includes verification of a successful breeding of Pippa to Parker. With an Ultrasound scheduled this week we were able to determine Pippa is carrying numerous pups with healthy heartbeats. We are offering these dogs to homes based on those supplying completed registration forms. The cost of the pups from Pippa's breeding will be $1,250.00.

We will Ultrasound Blaze on November 9th to verify that successful breeding as well. Both breeding's are open and we are considering clients showing interest in this great lineage.

October 8, 2018: NEW 2018/19 Breeding's include CHL Blazing Glory, and Masked Pippa. Pippa was bred to Blue Mountain Parker on 9/26. We are monitoring her for signs of a successful breeding. Pups would be whelped on or around 11/27/2018. This litter is now open for hunters interested in reserving a puppy.

We will also be partnering with HFK to offer an exceptional line of pups through the upcoming Blaze and HFK Royal breeding! If you have interest, please fill out the online Registration Form and submit, we will be in touch once we have some definitive results of the breeding's.

 Royal is a champion with numerous championships to his name! These pups will possess Field Trial caliber traits while possessing all the attributes we all seek in a great family pack member. More to come!


Please call or send us an EMAIL with any questions.

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