NEW Litter 4/8/2018 - Cranberry's Blazen Glory to Blue Mtn. Noble Nash. Produced some solid Puppies!!! 

4/7/2018 CHL A Puppies Life update Today started with Blaze pacing, labored breathing and temperature dropping into the 98 degree range. As time would show minutes turned into hours of stage 1 labor and eventually the clock would roll past midnight and pups would start arriving at 2:30AM.

4/8/2018 CHL A Puppies Life As morning continued, a total of five pups would be born by 5:30AM. As we began to clean up and monitor the pups and Blaze we recognized Blaze wasn't done as she headed to the kennel to relieve herself... running for our supplies we caught the 6th pup just in time! Once again cleaning and packing things up while monitoring the pups and Blaze, we realized she was still having mild contractions... sure enough, number 7 entered the world at furious pace like he was late for dinner... which he was. The last of the litter and the biggest must have been content as Apollo ended a long 30 hour ordeal with a flash.

4/15/2018 CHL A Puppies Life One week later the eight day old pups are doing really well with most of them doubling thier weight and size. Momma Blaze is strong and being a good mom. The pups had their dew claws removed on Wednesday at day 3 and all handled it well. Vet's examination for Hernias and Clef palettes indicated all very healthy pups. We are updating this blog weekly and will keep everyone abreast of any new mildstones or developments. Litter registration will be submitted next week after week 2 and the website collage will be updated as soon as possible....

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