Dog Training Options

One option for training your bird dog is to use a professional. A well respected trainer flyer is below, Greg and Carla have given me insight and have been a valuable asset to me in the past. If you can arrange it, I highly recommend at least the basic bird camp for you and your pup.

From my perspective training your dog is a must have, not only to acquire a well trained and productive bird dog but in the process of achieving that goal, building a bond between you and your pup second to none. Another option is to manage the task yourself, for those who have not done this often it can be frustrating. The novice can take heart in the fact the Llewellin Setters are highly intelligent dogs and will respond to the most rudimentary training well. They are forgiving dogs and due to their desire to please their handlers as well as possessing great attributes, will often compensate for poor handler skills will astounding results.

With any training regiment it must be purposeful and fun to have a positive outcome. Gain as much knowledge as possible prior to training your own pup. There are a number of good training videos and techniques to use. The "Silent Command" system by Rick and Ronnie Smith is one good source to start with....Above all, take your time and make it fun for you and your pup and experience a solid companion willing to show you what Llewellin Setters are all about. 

Greg and Carla Fryar


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"More Than Just A Dog Make Them Your Partner"

Bird & Gun Introduction (2 week program) $400

This is a MUST for young dogs to build drive and properly introduce them to both birds & guns. (Remember gun shyness is man made not something they are born with)

This program will introduce your pup to birds and gunfire.

The total cost is $400 and includes all birds used at no extra charge.

5 - 8 months of age is recommended depending on the dog and the breed. 

It takes birds to make a bird dog!

We Offer Year Round Training Programs

for All Breeds of Gun Dogs - Retrievers & Pointing Dogs